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Providing professional computer repair services in San Antonio area.

Computer Issues Solved

Remove those annoying Windows
pop-ups and error screens.

Virus Removal

Computer running slow?
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Computer Repair San Antonio

Increased Speed

Speed up your computer today
with Steve’s Computer Repair
excellent tune up services.

24Hr Turnaround

24Hr Turnaound Available
Most Cases Virus Removal

Steve’s Computer Repair Services

Steve’s Computer Repair offers many quality computer repair services.

Are you ready to have a fast working computer?

Steve's Computer Repair will help you speed up your computer and remove unwanted viruses.

Computer Repair – San Antonio

Steve’s computer repair offers expert technical support for computer system including desktop and laptop computers. We have fast turnaround time and can fix any problem with your computer. Offering fast 24HR Turnaround for many popular viruses.

Dell Laptop Repair San Antonio Texas

Laptop Repair Services

Professionally repair your laptop computer at Steve’s Computer Repair. Steve’s services many popular brands including HP, Dell, Sony, Apple, Acer and many more laptop brands. If you need your screen replaced, or data recovery contact us today for a free estimate. Friendly and professional service every time.

Data Recovery San Antonio Texas

Data Recovery – San Antonio

If your computer has been damaged in a water or fire accident call Steve’s Computer Repair. We have access to a first class clean room with professional technicians. When your pictures, documents and other data is important, call Steve’s Computer Repair today. Fast estimates to get your data back quickly and safely.

Professional Networkin Servies - San Antonio Texas


Offering professional networking services for small and large businesses. If you need to setup a home or office network Steve’s Computer Repair can help you today. Give us a call to begin an estimate.

Nerd is our second language. English is our first.

Steve’s Computer Repair understands its difficult to speak “geek”. We speak in plain English.

Issues Resolved
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Laptop Brands Supported
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Desktop Brands Supported
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Computer Support & Updates

Is your desktop computer or laptop computer running slow? Steve’s Computer repair offers many desktop repair services and upgrades. New Laptop and Desktop Sales. We will fix your laptop or desktop computer issue quickly with 24Hr Turnaround on most virus removal cases.

Quality Desktop Repair Diagnostics
Quality Laptop Repair Diagnostics

Providing quality desktop and laptop repair.

Steve’s Computer Repair located in North East San Antonio provides professional computer repair services. Supporting major brands of desktops including Dell, HP, Sony, IBM Lenovo, Acer, Gateway, Apple and many more computer brands.

Are you ready to have a fast working computer?

Steve's Computer Repair will help you speed up your computer and remove unwanted viruses.