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What Is A Computer Virus?

I can’t stress enough the benefits of antivirus software and why you need one. But first, let’s look at how a virus operates. A computer virus acts like the one you get when you are sick. It enters the host, spreads, and infects. The body then gets weak while the immune system works to kill the intruders.

It’s precisely the same concept for computer viruses. They infect your computer, and through your internet network, they affect other devices. Your computer starts to run slower, much like the human body when it is sick.

A computer virus is a piece of software that can also steal your identity and your data and slow down the performance of your computer.

It can also control your entire database once it’s inside your system if you leave it unchecked. To learn more about viruses, here is a detailed discussion, Trojan Horses and malicious viruses.

What Is An Antivirus?

An antivirus is precisely what the name implies. A program built to detect malicious scripts and software that will harm your computer; it’s a program that works against computer viruses.

It uses a feature to detect these destructive intruders and then deletes them out of your system. It’s like what you would expect from soldiers guarding a certain area or your immune system protecting your body.

Also, an antivirus program may ask you either to quarantine or to delete a specific infection once it is detected. After a script is identified as malicious, the program remembers the script and stores it in its database to prevent future attacks from the same script.

What Are The Benefits of Antivirus Software?

A computer without an antivirus is a sitting duck. It’s like a house with an open door, unprotected and unsecured. Anybody can just waltz in and take anything valuable inside the house.

Before we discuss the benefits of having antivirus software, let’s first describe clearly what’s it like to own a computer without it. Imagine this, even with the best antivirus in the market, some malware can still creep into your computer, how much more would it be without an antivirus?

Having antivirus software working on your computer ensures that your privacy is protected, your identity is safe, as well as your files and all your data. If you are operating within a network, an antivirus can help protect computers connected within that system.

To be more specific, here are 10 incredible benefits of antivirus software and why you should really consider installing one.

Protection From Virus and Malware Transmission

Like we’ve mentioned above, even with the best antivirus and malware protection software, there is still a slim chance of being infected. You would rather risk having that minor infection than have your entire files inside your computer ruined by a horde of infection.

One of the functions of an antivirus is to detect nasty viruses or malware than may harm your computer, and the remarkable thing about it is that the detection happens even before the virus gets into your system.

Viruses and malware are self-replicating, meaning they spread once they are allowed inside a victim’s computer. An antivirus prevents this from happening and also stops the virus’s ability to spread to other computers.

The Ability to Block Spam and Ads

Spamming is annoying — We can all agree to that. Aside from being so irritating, spam and pop-up ads are common ways that malware and viruses spread.

When you download a file from an unknown source online, chances are they come with malicious scripts that will infect your system.

Your antivirus (if you have one) will block hidden malware that comes with the file you download. If the data itself is infected, your antivirus will prompt you to disconnect and abort the download process.

Spam and ads are standard gateways for viruses to infect computers. It’s a good thing your antivirus is designed to block and close such portals.

protection from hackers and thieves

Protection from Hackers and Thieves

There are viruses and malware that open a back door into your system, allowing a person to gain access to all your files without you knowing.

This idea is pretty scary, especially if you own a business and you store essential business files in your computer.

Another way for hackers to get into your system is by sending emails that could infect your computer, letting the criminal access your bank information and steal your money.

An antivirus, such as Malwarebytes, can help to protect your files from these attackers. Your computer files are far more precious than you know. Believe it or not, some hackers are bold enough to take over control of your computer, lock you out, and then ask for a ransom before letting you back in. This has happened not just with individuals, but also with businesses.

Protect Removable Devices From Getting Infected

There are a lot of owners who are not using an antivirus, and they are not even aware their device has been infected with a virus or malware. That is bad enough but think about the flash drives or other removable devices that may be attached to their computers. A flash drive could be easily infected when a single file is transferred to it.

If you don’t scan your flash drives or any removable devices, they can serve as vehicles for spreading a virus infection. That is why antivirus programs have a feature that scans these removable devices to ensure that they stay clean from infections.

Also, remember to be prudent with your stuff. Don’t be afraid to tell friends that you are cautious when using memory sticks or any removable drives. Sometimes, it’s the casual insertion and transfer of files via these devices that infections are spread into our computers.

Scan Your Drives and Data For Protection

Now and then, it is an excellent practice to initiate a scan of your entire system for possible viruses and malware infection. Remember, these scripts are hidden, and during the whole course of using your device and downloading texts, programs, pictures, apps, and other data from the internet, your computer may have been infected.

When scanning your drives, you do not only scan it for infections, malware or viruses, you are also scanning for possible drive errors which may lead to loss of data. It may also cause your computer to run sluggish. It is good practice to occasionally run a scan on your computer hard drives.

Using your antivirus program, you should schedule a scan for a particular time and day. It is so important to protect your drives and data.

Keep Your PC or Mac Working Fast

As mentioned already viruses are self-replicating scripts, and the more they replicate, the bigger space they occupy on your computer. Aside from consuming space, these scripts damage essential components of your operating system, causing your computer to operate slower than usual.

A computer with an antivirus program is healthier and works faster than a computer that’s not protected. A fast-working computer is what everyone wants, and it’s one of the benefits of antivirus software.

Your antivirus program can help remove the viruses that hamper the critical functions of your computer. It also frees up space and improves response time.

Also, remember this, a fast computer means an efficient workflow. If you run a business or you are on a deadline, speed is of the essence. Having a fast computer means accomplishing and finishing more work.

That is how important it is to have your antivirus ensure that your computer is at it’s best health and fastest performance. You can imagine the headache you can get from getting a slow response on your own computer.

Enhances Your Firewall and Protects You From Phishing Attacks

Your computer’s operating system has a built-in firewall. A firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to your computer. If you have antivirus software installed, it creates added protection alongside your computer’s firewall.

We mentioned that viruses and malware could enter through emails. This method is called Phishing.

Fake emails will introduce themselves as legitimate companies asking for your username and password. If you fall victim to these attacks, your information could be stolen, which may lead to serious consequences.

Phishing attacks can result in substantial financial loss. Prevention from these attacks is one of the benefits of antivirus software.

Your antivirus is designed to thwart phishing attacks. Like with other viruses, an antivirus program can detect hidden scripts embedded in emails and block them before they gain access to your computer.

Web Protection and Safer Internet Surfing

Let’s face it, the internet is not a safe place to casually visit random sites. There are unprotected websites that have malware and viruses waiting to attack your computer through your browser.

Most antivirus programs offer web security features that block unsafe websites in order to prevent potential damage or data loss.

This is a very useful feature if you consider that friends, relatives, or associates at your workplace may be using your computer. If that is the case, users will probably be visiting different websites and downloading files. Computer antivirus software is necessary to ensure that your computer doesn’t get infected by the careless use of the internet.

Safer internet surfing does not only mean protection from the usual fraudulent activities online. There are real online threats we may not know about. People waiting for their next victim and victims who aren’t equipped to protect their online presence.

It’s better safe than sorry.

Keeps Your Kids Safe On the Internet

If you are a parent that has kids who use the internet, you have a reason to worry. Online predators take advantage of young internet users, so leaving them unprotected is not an option.

Good news! An antivirus like ESET offers parental control for parents who worry about their kids using the internet. The program allows you to configure and limit internet access, as well as placing restrictions on types of websites you don’t want them to see.

Security is more than just protecting your file; it’s also protecting your kids from visiting unsafe places on the internet. Among the benefits of antivirus software, this one is a parental favorite.

Here are some common threats that our children face online

Inapriopratie Content

The internet is plagued with materials that young minds shouldn’t be setting their attention on. It can be pornography, videos of people killing animals or other people, gruesome materials that really don’t appeal to the positive side of our children.

We do not want them to set their eyes on such contents and that is why protection is very important online.

Predators In Chat Room Friends

There are already a hundreds of known cases where children fell victim to pedophiles pretending to be friends online. Unknowing parents thinking that their kids are safe chatting with their friends. You can never be too confident with what’s really happening with your kids on the internet.

Do not allow them to be a victim of evil persons preying on innocent children online through chatrooms. Invest in your children’s protection.

save money in the long run

Save Money In The Long Run

A virus or malware-infected computer will eventually slow down and, if left untreated, will ultimately crash. If you get to this point, you may have to change parts of your computer or even purchase a new unit altogether.

You can never know the extent of the damage these destructive scripts can inflict until you are left scratching your head, looking at your crippled computer.

An antivirus program can prevent you from having to spend money on a damaged computer. In addition, this software can prevent your computer from functioning slowly or erratically due to a virus infection.

Save yourself time, money, and worry. It’s a great feeling to know your computer is protected and secure because of ever-watchful antivirus software. What a wonderful benefit!


Protection and prevention are better than buying a new computer because you were careless. A simple download without an antivirus can start a series of crashes and bugs in your infected computer.

The worst thing that can happen is finding yourself buying a new computer or losing money because of hackers.

To be honest, it’s a no-brainer; you need to install an antivirus. We have provided you with 10 benefits of antivirus software hoping you’ll take our advice.

But in the event that disaster does strike, bring your infected computer to the best virus removal shop in San Antonio – Steve’s Computer Repair. We are experts in this field, and we will remove all viruses or malware that may have infected your computer.

Remember, if your computer is running slow, it might be due to infection. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Give us a call today!

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