Thinking of upgrading your business computers? We sell a wide range of HP and DELL Computers in store, ready for use.

This includes Desktops, All In Ones, and Laptops.

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Our DELL and HP Computers

We sale computers for all of your needs.

HP Computers

Here at Steve's Computer Repair, we offer a handfull of HP devices such as Laptops, Desktops, and All In Ones. These computers will fulfill any task you through at them. Come down to the shop and we can recommend you the best choice for your budget and needs.


We sell multiple different DELL systems such as the Optiplex line of desktops. An Optiplex will deffinately be able to handle your work/business needs. We even sell DELL All In Ones, these are similar to a desktop and laptop combined. Their system is built into the Moniter which makes it easier to transport. Unlike a laptop you have a bigger screen and better performance.

Our Target Customers

If your computers are running slow or just need an upgrade. We are ready to help! Call us today! 210-241-2054

"Absolutely true professionals"

"Steve and his team took me right in to help me diagnose my computers issues and spent all the necessary time in order to make me satisfied absolutely true professionals and will be returning for upgrades and more when needed"
Corbin Holdcroft
Corbin Holdcroft

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