We provide a wide range of CPU Services

This includes replacing your CPU, cleaning, and repairing both your CPU and CPU Socket.

Our CPU Services

We offer repairs, replacements, and cleaning on multiple different types and brands of CPUs from Intel to Ryzen, and everywhere in between.

CPU Cleaning

If your computer doesnt want to boot because of a dirty/overheating CPU, you can bring it down to us and we will clean it and replace your thermal paste.

CPU Repairs

Here at Steve's Computer Repair, we can fix your CPUs bent pins and get you back up and running with a like new CPU. If your Motherboard has bent pins, thats no problem, we will try our best to get them back to their original state and running again.

CPU Replacement

If your CPU is running slow and isn't meeting your standards, come down and let us know your intentions of use, from there we can order you a new CPU that will for sure meet your expectations.

CPU cleaning and repair

Fixing Pin Bending for your CPU

Is your computer giving you trouble? At Steve’s Computer Repair, we have the solution for you. Our skilled team can fix bent pins in CPUs and restore them to their optimal performance. Say goodbye to computer problems and hello to a CPU that works like it’s brand new!

Our Target Customers

Those of which who have some of the CPU problems listed above and below. A bent CPU pin could be what is causing your whole computer to break, dont hesistate to bring it by the shop. For any broken part/pins bring it by the shop and we will order you a new and better CPU.

"The customer service was amazing"

"Steve's Computer Repair is a little small business but Im grateful for them for helping me with my Gaming PC. The customer service was amazing. The guys in the back are cool and chill. They're also very knowledgeable that deals with a PC. Thank you guys for helping with my Gaming PC. If anyone needs help with your PC or Computers I 100% recommend Steve's Computer Repair."

Would you like to start a project with us?

Give us a call and come down to the shop and we can get you up and running with a new system.

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