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Cybersecurity Terms Business Owners Can’t Afford to Ignore 

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you already know you need a plan and funding to succeed. However, you may not understand just how important cybersecurity can be when it comes to helping your new business thrive — even survive. It’s a mistake many small business owners make, and it’s one that can cost you big time. If you want to avoid this and other security missteps, you need to know the following terms. 

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Ransomware is exactly what it sounds like, and criminals love to use this tactic to target businesses of all sizes. With an infection, all of your most important business files are encrypted until you pay a fee — or ransom — to have them released. It’s the worst sort of malware. 

Certain types of software offer some protection from ransomware, but relying completely on this for your business could be a costly mistake. Instead, protect yourself by working with a full-service recovery solutions company that can safeguard your business files and devices. 

Your ransomware protection should also limit access to sensitive files. Not sure which files are “sensitive”? You’re not alone, but Zenbusiness recommends that you take steps to educate yourself. 


Cybercriminals use this to target your business, but you can also use encryption to protect yourself from their efforts. In the simplest of terms, data encryption turns private and sensitive information into code that requires a specific key to access it. This prevents unwanted use. 

Reputable software and service providers typically use some form of encryption to safeguard your company’s information. Many providers also rely on the encryption benefits that come with cloud storage. Although storing your information online may feel riskier, going with a cloud storage service that uses encryption in its data security efforts can actually be much safer than storing information on your devices. 


When criminals go phishing for your business’s sensitive data and files, they tend to use emails that entice the user to take immediate action. You may have seen these sorts of messages in your inbox before, pretending to be your bank or a corporation trying to deliver an urgent message. Sometimes there’s a “prize” involved or even a threat to your security. 

Sometimes it can be easy to spot a fake, but criminals who use this trick are getting better at it every day. You can employ multi-factor authentication to protect against this threat, but you may also want to consider using a more protective email provider for your small business needs. Otherwise, your business information could be accessed by third-party providers or worse. 

If you have employees, it’s also important to keep them from falling victim to phishing scams, especially if they have access to sensitive business accounts. In addition to routine training, you should also send phishing reminders to your staff. Studies show that video and interactive reminders tend to work best in terms of helping employees retain information. 

These are, by far, not the only tech terms that entrepreneurs like you should learn and know, but they are a good place to start. Knowing how to protect your business against common threats can put you ahead of the curve while providing you with some needed peace of mind. 

The next step is putting this knowledge into practice, and a great way to do that is by seeking out software systems that help you run your business while protecting you and your employees from common cyber threats. For example, QuickBooks offers secure payroll software, Sync offers cloud storage with end-to-end encryption, and Bluehost offers website hosting. There are many other great options on the market. Doing the research to figure out which work best for your business will really pay off. 

When it comes to the longevity of your business, continually educating yourself around the latest threats and security best practices, as well as working with professionals for your protection, is absolutely crucial. 

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