DELL Battery Repair/Replacement

We are able to repair or replace you damaged Dell batteries

This includes swollen, and broken batteries.

Our DELL Battery Services

We offer all types of replacements for any and all DELL Batteries for your Laptop.

Trackpad Bulging?

If your trackpad is lifted up, or bent up in a corner? This is a clear sign that your battery has exploaded. Any and all batteries that have exploaded need to be replaced immediatly to avoid any long term computer damage, bulging batteries are not only dangerous to your laptop but to you as well.

Laptop Not Fully Closing?

Is your laptop not completely closing leaving a gap between the bottom and top of your laptop? This is an example of a battery that pushes your keyboad up leaving a gap when attempting to close your laptop. Do not attempt to push it closed, insted bring it by the shop and we can safely remove or replace your blown up battery.

Battery Replacement

Is your battery not holding charge or will not work unless plugged in? Having a laptop constantly plugged in can cause damage in the long term. Instead of resorting to constantly keeping your laptop plugged in, bring it by the shop and have it replaced, or enhanced for more battery life.

Bulging Trackpad
Removed Bulging DELL Battery
DELL Battery Replacement

Our Target Customers

Those of which who have any sort of broken battery whether that be not holding charge or nor working without a charger. A blown up battery can cause serious long term injuries to not only your laptop but to your person if tampered with incorrectly. If you have any problems please come by the shop and we will replace or upgrade your battery.

"Fast, professional, and friendly service."

"Fast, professional, friendly service. Got to meet Autumn and Steve, both very welcoming and helpful. I was grateful that they made more then one attempt to reach out to me since when they called my phone had died. I was having some issues with my PC not booting, they took it in, and I got it back in less then 24hrs good as new. I plan on coming back when its time for upgrades, thanks y'all"

Would you like to start a project with us?

Give us a call and come down to the shop and we can get you up and running with a new system.

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