LENOVO All In One Computer Repair

We are able to repair or replace any damaged parts for your LENOVO all in one PC.

This includes RAM, CPU, and GPU repairs.

Our LENOVO Repair Services

We are able to upgrade and replace most parts in your All In One.

CPU Replacements

At Steve's Computer Repair, we are able to replace any old or broken CPU and replace it. We off you the choice to upgrade/enhance your CPUs power and efficiency.

RAM Replacements

Is your all in one loading slowly or not loading at all? This can be caused by not having enough RAM, or a faulty RAM. If you wish to upgrade your computers speed, bring it by the shop and we will be able to upgrade and or replace the amount of RAM your PC contains.

GPU Replacements

Is your computer not showing video or having a hard time displaying videos/games? We may be able to recommend that you replace and or upgrade your current GPU. Outdated GPUs cannot handle modern day games or videos. Bring it by the shop and we will be able to get you back up and running.

LENOVO All In One Part Replacement
LENOVO All In One Ram Replacement
LENOVO All In One Ram Replacement

Our Target Customers

Those of which who have any sort of broke, or old LENOVO All In One parts such as RAM and GPUs. A faulty GPU can restrict the PC from booting and showing video. If you have any of these problems please come by the shop and we will replace or upgrade your LENOVO Computer.

"Fast, professional, and friendly service."

Brought my son’s gaming computer in for a repair after Geek Squad wanted $2800 for a new display. I took it to Steve and he told me honestly it only needed a new bezel, hinges and that the display was fine. Thanks Steve we need more honest businesses like your's.
Melissa Paredes-Danzoy
Melissa Paredes-Danzoy

Would you like to start a project with us?

Give us a call and come down to the shop and we can get you up and running with a new system.

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