We fix dell laptop and desktop computers

Do you have a Dell laptop or desktop that needs repair? Especially, if it’s already out of warranty coverage or you just can’t find an expert to fix your dell machine. Worry no more! Give us a call right now!

There are a ton of issues that a certain computer can encounter – scpecifically a Dell Laptop or Desktop Computer. Here are a list of the few common issues that you might be having right now. If your computer concern is not on the list, don’t worry, we are computer nerds and we’ve got you covered!

Shutting Down Unexpectedly

Are you in the middle of work on your computer and all of a sudden it reboots or shuts down without warning? There are factors that can contribute to this issue, let us take a look at it.

No Audio from speakers

If your Dell computer is not making any audio from it speakers, you need an expert like us to take a look at it.

Hard Drive Failures

Hard drives store important data inside your computer. If you can't access them, chances are, you are experiencing a failed hard drive. We can take care of it for you!

Dell Computer Won't Start

Are you baffled why your Dell Latpop or Desktop won't even boot or start? It maybe an internal issue or something else. Let's have a look at it. Call us now!

Blue Screen

Is your dell computer just displaying blue and nothing else? We call it the "Blue Screen of Death." Don't fret and worry too much.Let's bring your computer back to life! Call now!

USB port Doesn't Work

Are the ports in your dell laptop or desktop computer not working? USB Ports are really important parts especially if we are transferring files into our computer. Let's fix them for you.

Dell Laptop Running Slow

A slow computer hampers your business and keeps you from finishing your work faster. Don't prolong the agony, bring your computer over to us and we'll have it up and running fast again.

Cracked Laptop Screen

Nothing is more frustrating than looking at a broken computer screen. Say no more, just bring your computer over to us and we will handle the rest.