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 Steve’s Computer Repair Shop is always ready to serve all it’s clients whenever they need technical computer support. We support all major brands. 

We support all major brands

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Our location is accessible and very easy to find. Our shop sits on the frontage road of I-35 just south of Thousand Oaks.

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liquid damage

liquid damage

Special care is taken when we handle computers damaged by liquids. First, before any repairs, we dry and clean the device completely, making it look like it was before the damage occurred.

Next, we perform testing to see if there is any internal damage. If there is none and our drying and cleaning fixes the problem, you will only be charged a basic cleaning fee.

However, if the problem is not resolved, and analysis shows that parts need to be replaced, we will contact you and explain the situation, making clear what needs to be done. Finally, we will proceed with the repair only when we have your authorization.

Fix broken hinges

Is your laptop still in one piece or are the hinges already caving in? This can be caused by a lot of things. You might have an over-tightened screw that came from the factory that way. Two other common reasons for broken hinges are poor quality plastics and user inflicted damage.

For professionals like us, these problems are very easy to fix. Bring your computer by our shop and we will have your laptop hinges fixed in no time.

broken hinges
computer not turning on

Computer Not Turning On

What good is a computer that doesn’t turn on? It’s pretty worthless. Right?

The problem could be caused by two issues we commonly see: a bad charging portal, or a hardware failure causing your power button not to work. 

In any case, simply give us a call and bring your device to our shop so that we can look at it. We will have it fixed in no time.


We repair computers.

macbook repair

macbook Repair Services

Yes, you hear it right. We are also repair Macbook computers.

We provide a fast turnaround service coupled with our years of experience and expertise. It also helps that we stock computer parts for Macs, saving on-down time, making repair time more efficient.

So let your computer worries fly away. Come by our shop and let us take care of your Mac laptop. You can be assured that Steve and his crew at Steve’s Computer Repair will treat you right. As always, they will use their professional knowledge to provide you with top quality repair work in a timely way.