We provide a wide range of Soldering Services

This includes Logic Boards, USB Ports, Display/HDMI Ports, and many other solderable parts.

Our Soldering Services

We offer soldering on multiple different types and brands of laptops and desktops such as, HP, MAC, IMAC, LENOVO, DELL, ASUS, and many others

HP Soldering

If your HP Desktop is not showing any display on your device, and a new HDMI/Display cable doesnt fix the problem, we are able to replace your port and get you back to your project.

MAC Soldering

When your MAC charger no longer charges your computer, you may need to replace the charger. Although, if the problem lies within the laptop, we can resolder a new charging port that is guaranteed to fix your problem.

USB Soldering

If your USB port suddenly stops working, come down to our shop and we are able to remove your broken USB port and replace it with a new one.

Our Target Customers

Those of which who have older systems that are prone to breaking. A broken Display or HDMI port doesnt allow you to view any of your work that is in your day to day projects. For any broken ports or soldering issues, come to use and we will get you back up and running better than before.

"Did not hesitate to greet customers with a smile and listened attentively"

"I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Steve and Rick personally. From the moment I entered the one-stop shop, they greeted me with a smile, and provided excellent customer service. Not only that, they took the time to listen to my internship needs for ECPI University. I also noticed that as customers walked in, they did not hesitate to greet them with a smile and listened attentively to their laptop needs. Before I left the shop, Steve also gifted me a magnet and other items! We look forward to our partnership with Steve and his teammates at Steve’s Computer Repair in San Antonio, TX. For desktop and laptop repair and professional recovery services, please schedule your appointment with Steve today!"
Dalia Harvey

Would you like to start a project with us?

Give us a call and come down to the shop and we can get you up and running with a new system.

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