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Surviving Data Disasters
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Surviving Data Disasters in Your Small Business
It is every business owner’s worst nightmare; sensitive data is lost or compromised, and now your business is vulnerable in a variety of dreadful ways. Security is one of the most important aspects of business ownership. As technology advances and provides more convenient ways to operate, it also creates a new level of risk that should inform your business practices. Staying ahead of potential disaster is always better than trying to fix it after the damage is done. Many business owners may feel like this is an impossible task, particularly if tech and data skills are not in their wheelhouse.
Most people who open businesses have a basic understanding of tech but lack the level of skill required to defend against data breaches and accidental loss. Here are some tips on how to protect your data.[/caption]

How Data Becomes Vulnerable to Criminals

Unfortunately, there are numerous ways data from your small business can be compromised. Some of the most nefarious ways include malware, phishing, viruses, and ransomware. These data compromises are due to criminal activity. When hackers infiltrate your system, your financial accounts may be compromised, as well as client data such as credit card numbers and email addresses. This information can be used to steal funds and ascertain the names and social security numbers and other sensitive data for identity fraud.
Digital criminals also hold companies’ data hostage by locking out access until demands are met. Data breaches of this sort can hit even the largest companies and cause widespread fiscal damage. Sometimes, even non-malevolent data loss can happen which can be devastating for small businesses.
There are also more direct ways of stealing your data. Portable devices — laptops, tablets, and phones — are relatively easy to lift and hack. It’s crucial to keep your vehicle locked if you leave electronics unattended, and you might want to hide them in the trunk or under a jacket. At home or the office, consider installing a security system to boost peace of mind. Some cameras and an alarm can go a long way towards keeping trouble at bay and keeping both people and belongings safe.

Accidental Data Loss

Sometimes data loss can happen even without a criminal instigator. Simple human error can result in deletion of important files, documents, and datasets that can cause huge headaches for business owners. Perhaps your hard drive malfunctioned, or a power failure wiped out data that was not yet backed up. Sometimes a simple mistake while clicking around in files can result in data loss. Accidents happen in databases and networks all the time, and it can feel like a devastating setback, particularly for small business owners.
Regardless of the source of data loss, you do not have to live with the consequences. Professional help is available to assist you in recouping lost data that occurs due to human error, power failure, or criminal activity.

Hire a Pro. They Know What’s Up

As counterintuitive as it may seem, to get to the root of the problem and solve it, you can find trusted hackers for hire. We tend to assume that all hackers are criminals, but that is inaccurate. Many hackers use their skills legally and professionally to test the security of networks. When you hire a hacker, you get an expert who knows the ins and outs of data systems and understands how criminals wrangle into your system to corrupt and steal sensitive information.
When it comes to recovering lost data from human error or malicious or non-malicious events, Steve’s Computer Repair knows how to access deleted information that the average person does not. They can also remove any virus or malware and recommend safety mechanisms to protect your data from cyber criminals or accidental deletion.
With the tips above, you can gain the skills to protect yourself and your business. With your data protected, you can shield your business from accidental and malicious intent.
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