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The silence was vital to their downfall. The Trojans lost the war against the Greeks because they fell for a trick that cost them their lives. In the same way, a Trojan horse can put you out of business just as the Greeks did with the Trojans.

Relax, you are not dying, and we are not going to war. But, your computer and your essential files may experience the same tragic story that the Trojan’s did.

You may not have realized it, but your computer right now is already infected or at risk of being infected by nonetheless a Trojan Horse Virus.

Is It True That A Trojan Horse Can Put You Out Of Business?

the trojan horse on the beach

Similar to the story of the Trojan war, a Trojan horse disguises itself so that it cannot be detected. Once it’s inside a host, it then begins to do its real function.

Trojans are the most common malware used to attack computers by opening back doors, taking control of the infected devices, taking advantage of user data and sends it back to the attacker.

It also brings in more infection into your computer by downloading more malware without you noticing. Hence, from once a tiny infection, it grows into a serious problem, which may cause you to lose important files.

So if these tiny malicious things can gain access to your important files, then it’s possible that a Trojan Horse can put you out business.

Why Do We Call It

Trojan horse (or “Trojan”) is a general term that describes a malicious script that has the ability to hide its real purpose to avoid detection.

However, unlike a virus, a Trojan cannot infect a host or replicate itself on its own. The same thing with the Trojan Horse in the myth, it had to be hauled in before it can do damage.

To be able to infect a host, it relies on other means such as downloading unsafe materials from unsafe websites or social engineering techniques like phishing, pretexting, and baiting.

Is It A Or A Virus?

The term Trojan Horse Virus or Trojan Virus is incorrect. Viruses can self replicate inside a host or a computer – Trojans cannot.

A user has to execute the Trojan for it to infect the user’s computer. Just as the Trojans took the effort to bring the infamous wooden horse inside the city of Troy, users have to be tricked into clicking a Trojan to execute it.

So, a Trojan is a malware, but people today use malware and virus interchangeably.

A Trojan can do the following once it is activated inside your computer.

  • Delete data
  • Block data
  • Modify data
  • Copy data
  • Slow down your computer
  • Disrupt your internet network
glasses and coding for computer trojan malware

A Short Of This Malware

It’s actually from a famous story — a war between the Greeks and the Trojans.
The war continued for years without any signs of ending until the Greeks thought of a plan that spelled the end for the Trojans.

They built a massive wooden horse and hid some of their men inside it. The rest of the army left the beach of Troy and made it look like they left the war and went home to Greece.

The Trojans saw the empty beach and the massive wooden horse and thought it was a “gift” for them from their enemy who abandoned the war.

The Trojans pulled the wooden horse inside into their fortified city and celebrated. The Greeks who were inside the wooden horse waited for nightfall until all the Trojans were fast asleep unexpecting of the terror they were about to unleash.

Hence, we use the term “Trojan Horse” for this specific malware. The first time it was used was about malicious code in a 1974 US Air Force Report. It focused on the analysis of the vulnerabilities of computer systems.

But the term became popular in the 1980s after Ken Thompson lectured at the ACM Turing Awards 1983 reception.

Today, the name Trojan stucked and is now widely and commonly use to address or describe this infectious malware.

13 Types of : Know Them Better!

Click on these interactive tabs to learn about these 13 types of Trojan Horses.

I only mentioned 13 for the sake of this article’s length but there are more of them and the risk is real because a Trojan Horse can put you out of business.

Are Mobile Devices Safe Infected?

If you think that Desktop and Laptop Computers are the only devices that need security, then you are running the risk of opening mobile devices to attackers.

Remember that a Trojan looks like a legit program, a mobile app, and even a text message. 

A Trojan called “The Switcher” targets Android devices specifically. It infects the mobile device and attacks routers through a wireless network.

Then cybercriminals can conduct various criminal acts online while at the same time redirecting traffic to the victim’s network.

As A Business Owner, How Can A Trojan Malware Impact Me?

If you have an e-commerce website and it’s making progress, you are a target of a possible DDoS attack or even identity and information-stealing malware.

If you don’t understand what that is, it’s an act of sending fake traffic or fake visitors to your site. The problem is, it’s too much traffic that your server can’t handle it. Once your server overloads, it creates an error and your site shuts down.

Also, these tiny malicious programs can make your business bleed money. If you are not careful, it can even spell bankruptcy for you if someone steals your banking information and does something horrible with it.

Whether you are a small business owner or a multi-million dollar business tycoon, you should always invest in protection from these kinds of attacks.

The lack of protection opens the possibility that a Trojan Horse can put you out of business.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Computer and Data

Ultimately, what we want to protect is the privacy of our data and our personal space online. We do not wish for hackers and attackers to meddle with that. 

More importantly, we do not want to lose important banking and business files. So, here are some tips which you can do to protect yourself and your data.

  • Make sure to install an antivirus or any security suite into your computer. 
  • Make sure to update your security software.
  • Run or schedule diagnostic scans on your computer to ensure that it’s safe.
  • Don’t forget to update your operating system itself. It provides an additional layer of protection.
  • Check all software installed on your computer. Make sure that you update them. Attacks can come from outdated software as they are more likely to be less supported by their manufacturers as far as security is concerned.
  • When creating accounts login and passwords, make sure they are not easy to guess or very simple. Create a complex combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Don’t forget to save them in case you forget.
  • Take advantage of your computer’s firewall. If you don’t know how to use them, there is a lot of information available online. Make sure to hide important information behind a firewall.
  • Ensure that you have backups for critical data. In case you need to reformat an infected computer, you will not worry about losing your files.
  • When an unknown attachment is sent to you, don’t go ahead and click them. Run a security check before downloading attachments via email or instant messengers.
  • Do not visit websites that aren’t safe. It’s good practice to have web security installed.
  • If you are unsure of a particular link being sent to you, never click it.
  • Do not install or download software from untrusted publishers. Illegal software brings hidden malware with them.

The Trojans lost the war because of a well-thought plan – you can also call it a trick.

No one expected that a harmless wooden figure of a horse would bring destruction to the city of Troy.

The same is true for you. Everyone can be a target of these malicious scripts that would do everything to inject damage to your files and even your business.

Keep yourself informed and updated. Make it a practice to always prioritize security for your computer to protect your files.

For business owners, protection equals revenue.

You do not want to wake up one day and lose everything you’ve built over the years, due to a lack of security.
Stay safe, and do remember that a Trojan Horse can put you out of business!

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