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Computer Repair

Pro computer repair that lasts for years.

Custom PC Builds

Pro-level Gaming PCs, Pro Workstations, made to your spec.

Data Recovery

Get your lost, deleted, or bit-locked data back.

Computer Upgrades

Unlock your computer's full potential. Get faster, better, smoother, with more power.

Business IT Support

Get fast computers, networking, and VoIP Phones for your business.

Computers For Sale

High-performance refurbished laptops, PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks for sale. All at an unbeatable price.

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Steve's Computer Repair and Data Recovery San Antonio Steve and Technician team


We’re San Antonio’s top computer shop for repairing damaged computers, boosting computer performance, and crafting world-class PCs. With our trusted 6-step process and our commitment to enthusiasm, integrity, and professionalism, there’s almost no project we can’t handle. We even take on projects from places like “Geek Squad” when they can’t get the job done.

Over 15 years ago, we opened our doors in San Antonio. In just a couple of years, Steve’s Computer Repair has delivered thousands of the most impressive before-and-after results in the computer repair business. In fact, no other computer service in San Antonio has come close to achieving the results we have.

Computers that were slow, falling apart, mediocre, or even borderline unusable – have followed our system to a tee and now perform like high-performance computers. Our customers not only achieved remarkable results but did so in just a few hours to a few weeks.

Fixing, improving, and creating computers has never been better. We’ll guide you through each step, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed your computer needs.


Stacie Harris
Stacie Harris
December 10, 2023
Went back to Steve for the second time and also got to meet the full staff. They are all awesome, and I even recommended Steve's computer repair to my family! computer legend! Edit: So, I tried to make a new review, but it just replaced my old review. So I will let you know what my old review from 5 years ago said: It said, "I will definitely be working with Steve again." As you can see, I definitely did go back 🙂 I kept Steve's magnet on my fridge for 5 years, and when it was time to get the battery replaced again, I saw the magnet on my fridge and went back to Steve. When I got there, I told Steve about his magnet on my fridge and he gave me a brand new updated shiny magnet! I got some more magnets (and some mouse pads) when my laptop was ready to be picked up, and I gave them out to my family for every household and I even put a magnet on the fridge in the break-room at my job. I believe in Steve that much!
Gary Childers
Gary Childers
November 29, 2023
Rick was an awesome, caring technique. He listened to our problem and situation, professionally evaluated the issue and found a solution.
November 23, 2023
Fast, communicative and reliable.
Kat R
Kat R
November 21, 2023
Came in because I suspected a bad laptop charger and they were quick to help me troubleshoot it while I was there to see if it was as simple as buying a new charging cord or something more complicated that they would need to keep it for. They verified it was the charger so I was able to just go grab another one. Will definitely come back for more complicated issues in the future. Best San Antonio PC repair company hands down!
Tracy Ealy
Tracy Ealy
November 9, 2023
Vincent answered all my questions I had about my slow laptop that kept switching my browser to Yahoo when I dropped it off. In two days Rick the technician called me with the diagnosis of things they could do to upgrade my memory and boost my speed a bit. He did the upgrade and invited me back to see if I was happy with the speed. If so he would transfer the data off my old memory. Everything went very smoothly and upon pickup Vincent went above and beyond fixing our taskbar with convenient icons that we use. I would not hesitate to recommend Steves Computer Repair for any of your computer needs.
Marty Garcia
Marty Garcia
November 9, 2023
Technicians and owner are very knowledgeable and are very confident when answering questions. They always have options for you to choose. The experience and process has always been smooth. I definitely recommend Steve’s PC Repair.
Eulalia Daisy
Eulalia Daisy
November 7, 2023
Got my computer repaired a few times elsewhere, and they never even told me I had a virus. Got it repaired here and it's been working perfectly since.
Isaai Ortega
Isaai Ortega
October 26, 2023
A staff member named Rick assisted me with my computer issue. His expertise was evident as he was able to provide clear, understandable solutions that were tailored to my situation. Rick answered all my questions regarding my issue, ensuring I was well-informed about my computer’s issue and what to expect during the repair process. The turnaround time was just a day, and I had my computer back in perfect working order. I would highly recommend this shop.
lol lol
lol lol
October 22, 2023


We want to make your computer work its best and fix any damage or errors so it runs perfectly.



We’ll take your device into the shop, tag it, then add it to the queue. (24-hour rush jobs skip to be first in the queue).



We do an in-depth 20-step check on your computer to make sure we catch any problems and find all the issues for fixing.



We’ll let you know what we find and give you a cost estimate for fixing it. We’ll only start on jobs you’ve approved.



We fix the issues we find, then suggest any upgrades to improve performance at this time.



After the job is complete, we check to make sure that your computer is 100% ready. Every repair that we do is protected by our complete 1-Year Warranty.



This is the best part! We give your device back and show you the results of the service. Since day one, we’ve gone above and beyond to exceed all our customers’ expectations.


"...replaced it incredibly fast."
"Excellent service and great pricing for repairs. I upgraded my gaming computer and had issues getting it to Post. I brought it in to Steve's Computer Repair and they diagnosed a bad power supply and replaced it incredibly fast. Great guys there and they do an excellent job."
"Thanks Rick and Steve's Computer Repair!!"
"First time coming to Steve's Computer Repair. They were friendly on the phone and in person. Plus they fixed my issue and worked with me on the amount since I didn't need certain services. Thanks Rick and Steve's Computer Repair!! I'm a happy camper"


Steve's Computer Repair and Data Recovery San Antonio Installing a water cooler radiator into client custom build pc computer


We guarantee your repair will last. We give a complete 1 Year Warranty on all repairs.

Clock showing the 24-hour turnaround rush service for speedy computer repairs from Steve's Computer Repair and Data Recovery San Antonio


Who wants to wait for a fix? We've got a 24-hour Rush service for those who want things done ASAP.

Steve's Computer Repair and Data Recovery San Antonio Truck mobile and remote services with 24 hour turnaround time rush service


Can't make it in for repairs? No problem! We've got remote services available to assist you.

Large pile and stack of computers and laptops ready to be recycled


Have a bunch of old computers and parts that you can't seem to get rid of? We offer free computer recycling.

Broken hard drive to symbolize data recovery from steve's computer repair san antonio


When you buy one of our upgraded refurbished computers, we include a free data transfer. It'll feel just like your usual setup, only in a better computer!

Refurbished computers, macs, and laptops for sale in showroom


We won't repair anything that doesn't need fixing, and we won't touch anything you don't want us to. Our top-notch services come at a competitive price you won't find elsewhere!

military discount 10% Steve's Computer Repair and Data Recovery San Antonio


We give a 10% discount to members of our military. Thank you for your service.


You'll always be in the loop, knowing exactly what's happening. We're excellent communicators and can talk in English, Layman's Terms, or Nerd – whatever works best for you!

Steve handing a repaired laptop to a satisfied customer


You'll be guided through the entire process and presented with multiple solutions to fix your computer. You'll have a clear understanding of what to expect, ensuring you receive top-notch service when you see the results of our hard work!


"...a great customer experience!!"
"I reached out to Steve’s Computer repair regarding a computer battery issue. It took no time for them to diagnose that the battery that I had previously purchased from somewhere else and had installed somewhere else, was faulty. Thank you Vincent for taking the time to assist me with my issue in a timely manner. I will definitely be bringing my computer questions and issues to you all again. It was truly a great customer experience!!"
"Professional, competitively priced (no overcharge) and informative."
Professional, competitively priced (no overcharge) and informative. Highly recommend. They fixed an old Mac for me and now it runs like it’s fresh out of the box.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 459+ Customer Reviews

The top computer shop for fixing damaged computers, boosting computer speed, and creating top-notch PCs.

Steve's Computer Repair and Data Recovery San Antonio Black Logo

When you choose us, you’re getting the best computer tech support ever. And remember, there’s absolutely no risk involved. If you bring your computer to us for repair, consider it fixed the moment you step into our shop. We guarantee to solve your computer problem, and it’ll be backed by a full 1-year warranty.

We’ve set up the best, quickest, and most affordable process, run by expert technicians, that outshines any other in San Antonio. This means you’ll get a computer that performs even better than when it was new, boosting your productivity and securing your data. The difference you’ll see from our computer services is unmatched by any other PC repair service worldwide.

We’re not just fixing and upgrading your computer. We’re providing a complete professional service. This is where you can truly set yourself apart. Experience top-notch computer performance, productivity, and personalized tech support that crushes the competition.

All you need to do is give us a call or drop by our location, and let us know what’s happening with your computer or any performance upgrades you’d like. If you can do that and take a short drive to see us, we promise to deliver the best computer performance you’ve ever experienced.

Let’s do this!

– Steve Flannery, Owner of Steve’s Computer Repair

The front doors of Steve's Computer Repair


Steve and Data recovery customer
"...if you want it done right and at a fair price come to Steve."

I highly recommend you bring all your computer needs here. Steve and his Staff are super knowledgeable and friendly. I had a real emergency on my hands.

My main Dj hard started clicking. I called several companies and they all told me it's a wrap. But I see where Steve works on Western digital harddrives I just knew he was the one. I called him first thing Monday and he told me bring it in. Once I get there he takes me to the back and try to see if there was any life left in the drive and Boom it showed up. So, then he said give me 24hrs and I'll get back to you. Well it was faster than 24.

He got back to me right away with a fair estimate and he said he could get 99.9% of my 6TB of data no problem. 2 days later he calls and says it's done and ready. I can tell you if you want it done right and at a fair price come to Steve. His shop is top notch wish I could give more than 5 stars. Thanks for saving my Dj career you're a God send.

- Laturel kinfolk “Dj Ltizzzle” Turner


See below for our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your answer or just want to say hello, send us an email at support@localcomputer.expert. Our expert support team will be happy to help you!

Repairs usually range from same-day to a little over a week. Each repair varies in complexity, but even the toughest ones are typically finished in about a week. We also offer an optional 24-hour turnaround service for those in a rush (+$60), prioritizing your job above all others in our queue.

We price repairs based on the severity, time, and resources required. Since not all computers are the same and some need more resources, prices vary. For minor repairs, expect around $85 or more. Virus removal, physical repairs, and upgrades fall in this category. The average cost is about $200-300. For more complex jobs or premium services, expect around $500. Data recovery and custom PC builds cost approximately $3000 or more for parts and labor.

Many computer repair shops fall short because they don’t focus on what truly matters. But once you choose us, there’s no turning back! After your first experience with us, you’ll notice significant improvements in computer performance. Your productivity will soar, and your overall computer experience will be greatly enhanced. That’s why we’ve seen so many remarkable transformations. Most of our clients were disappointed by numerous shops before finding us!

Improving your computer’s performance and boosting productivity can greatly enhance your life. Investing in a reliable computer repair shop is one of the smartest choices you can make. Many of our clients have experienced significant improvements in their lives after getting their computer repaired and optimized. It boosts confidence and even creates a halo effect. A seamless, powerful computer gives you a major advantage in life.

With our 24-hour turnaround option, your computer will be repaired and upgraded in just one day. You’ll experience excellent performance almost overnight. The only time you’ll spend is the 10 minutes in our office discussing the issues with your computer, any upgrades you’d like, and the time it takes to pick up your computer.

Definitely! Every review you see has been posted on our Google Maps Reviews. You can even scroll through our 450+ reviews. We consistently receive multiple 5-star reviews every week for transforming our clients’ slow, virus-infected computers into high-performance productivity machines! No other computer repair shop comes close to competing with us.

We provide a 1-Year Warranty on all repairs starting from the date of purchase. For laptop hinge repairs, we offer an exclusive lifetime warranty.

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