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Customer Custom PC Build from review
"Couldn't be happier with my build..."

Being a business owner in a trade that requires great care and quality work, I can tell when someone puts great effort and passion into their craft. Steve and his team absolutely blew away my expectations and built an incredible desktop for me.

The difference in visuals and speed from my old laptop to this build was like having the worst eyesight and then putting glasses on for the first time. Couldn’t be happier with my build and at a very fair price as well.

Special shout out to Jonathan for being the main designer for this build. If you’ve been on the fence about building a desktop, this is the team you want to do it because you can sleep well knowing they did a good job.

- James Ramos

Steve and Data recovery customer
"...if you want it done right and at a fair price come to Steve."

I highly recommend you bring all your computer needs here. Steve and his Staff are super knowledgeable and friendly. I had a real emergency on my hands.

My main Dj hard started clicking. I called several companies and they all told me it's a wrap. But I see where Steve works on Western digital harddrives I just knew he was the one. I called him first thing Monday and he told me bring it in. Once I get there he takes me to the back and try to see if there was any life left in the drive and Boom it showed up. So, then he said give me 24hrs and I'll get back to you. Well it was faster than 24.

He got back to me right away with a fair estimate and he said he could get 99.9% of my 6TB of data no problem. 2 days later he calls and says it's done and ready. I can tell you if you want it done right and at a fair price come to Steve. His shop is top notch wish I could give more than 5 stars. Thanks for saving my Dj career you're a God send.

- Laturel kinfolk “Dj Ltizzzle” Turner

Steve's Computer Repair Customer Magnet
"...if you want it done right and at a fair price come to Steve."

Went back to Steve for the second time and also got to meet the full staff. They are all awesome, and I even recommended Steve's computer repair to my family! computer legend!

Edit: So, I tried to make a new review, but it just replaced my old review. So I will let you know what my old review from 5 years ago said: It said, "I will definitely be working with Steve again." As you can see, I definitely did go back 🙂

I kept Steve's magnet on my fridge for 5 years, and when it was time to get the battery replaced again, I saw the magnet on my fridge and went back to Steve.

When I got there, I told Steve about his magnet on my fridge and he gave me a brand new updated shiny magnet! I got some more magnets (and some mouse pads) when my laptop was ready to be picked up, and I gave them out to my family for every household and I even put a magnet on the fridge in the break-room at my job. I believe in Steve that much!

- Stacie Harris

Customer's custom PC
"Was super scared about giving someone my pc..."

I stream to twitch and then my pc started giving me bad frame drops and lags and I couldn’t play. Was super scared about giving someone my pc. But this place was so cool the crew was great and my pc is honestly running better now then it did when I got it.


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