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Steve’s Computer Repair is the go-to shop for all of your computer needs. Anything from virus removal, computer upgrades, PC building, to Recovering Data from damaged hard drives.

We’ve been in business since 2008 helping San Antonio residents repair their electronics with exceptional professionalism. The motto: Get it done right, the first time.

Call us at 210-241-2054 or visit our location today! We welcome walk-ins.

Our Mission

Steve’s Computer Repair is about giving exceptional computer repair service to San Antonio residents with exceptional customer service that you will not find anywhere else.

Until every computer in the world is repair-free, we won’t stop raising the bar for exceptional computer repair service.

Pro-level Repairs.
Pro-level Service.

The Story of Steve's Computer Repair

Steve handing Customer their finished laptop repair

Delivering Excellence in Since 2008

Steve’s Computer Repair was born out of the passion of helping people with their tech problems.

Founded in 2008 by Steve Flannery, the business quickly gained recognition for its dedication to providing the best computer repair experience in San Antonio.

Customer Service First

In 2012, more and more people were looking for data recovery services and Steve recognized the demand right away. Steve began investing in advanced software and training to tackle complex data recovery tasks quickly and more effectively. (With a success rate of 99%, we outcompete the biggest names in the industry.) 

The company continues to invest in the latest technology, tools, and programs to make sure people get the best service possible.

Technician in a clean suit performing data recovery and hard drive repair with a microscope
About Steve's Computer Repair

A Team of Pros

By 2015, Steve welcomed the first employee onboard. This allowed the company to help twice as many people, twice as fast. Then later in 2018 two more employees joined Steve’s team and multiplied the commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. 

With over 400+ five-star reviews on Google, Steve’s Computer Repair established itself as a trusted name in the local tech repair scene.


More Than Just a Computer Shop

Over time, Steve’s Computer Repair evolved to meet the changing needs of its visitors. From building powerful custom PCs, advanced data recovery tools, and Mac repair support, the company was able to deliver San Antonio residents with best tech services in the city. 

One Goal: Giving The Best Customer Experience No Matter What

Conveniently located on I-35 in Thousand Oaks, NE San Antonio, Steve’s Computer Repair continues to serve the local community with dedication and expertise. Steve’s Computer Repair remains committed to providing excellent customer service, high quality, efficient, affordable repairs, and the best tech solutions to San Antonio residents.

Our Proven Process



Every device is checked into the shop and tagged with a label. This helps have a smooth workflow.



An extensive 20-step diagnostic process is performed on each computer to ensure that no problems slip by us and your computer is returned better than ever.



You’ll be notified of our findings and given an estimate for a repair. Only approved jobs will be worked on. 



We professionally fix the issues we have discovered. Any upgrades for better performance are suggested at this time. 



After the job is complete, we thoroughly check to make sure that your computer is 100% operational. Every repair that we do is protected by our complete 1 Year Warranty.



This is our favorite part! We return your device and show you the results of the service. Since the beginning, we’ve been exceeding customer expectations.

The best reviews in the industry


Steve and his team took me right in to help me diagnose my computers issues and spent all the necessary time in order to make me satisfied absolutely true professionals and will be returning for upgrades and more when needed


Always a great experience, Steve and his team go above and beyond with their work. Very satisfied with their service.


I originally went to Best Buy to get my laptop fixed and they quoted me two weeks. Then they suggested Steve’s so I went, dropped it off and they were able to get it fixed within 24 hours!! Steve and his team are super friendly and helpful. Highly recommend for all laptop needs.

Why Choose Us?

With so many other shops to choose from, you’d only want the best service at the best price. We are here to deliver exactly that with a 1-year warranty on all repairs we make.

We speak English and Nerd! If you have a difficult or complicated computer issue, we can solve it. We’ll also walk you through the process and show you both the cause of the problem AND all of the solutions that can be done to fix your computer. Who doesn’t like options?

In a rush? Deadline around the corner? Business computer down? We offer a 24-Hour expedited service for those in a hurry. For a small additional fee ($60) you can skip the wait time and get your computer repaired within 24 hours.

Customer service is our top priority, right next to performing the best repairs in the business. We treat you how we’d like to be treated, with respect, care, and friendly communication.

Professional repairs require Professional Technicians. Our repair technicians are nothing short of the best you can find. High standards, quick and efficient work, and extreme attention to detail. We will handle your computer as if it were our own. So you can rest assured that your device is safe and will receive the best work available in San Antonio.

Aside from the 24 Hour expedited service we offer, on average our repairs take a fraction of the time than any other shop you can find in San Antonio. In comparison, a repair that would originally take MONTHS can be reduced to a matter of DAYS.

Some Numbers

Not to flex or anything but… we seem to make a LOT of people very happy.

1 +
Satisfied Clients
1 +
Projects Completed
1 +
Viruses Stopped
1 K+
Updates Completed

Virtual Shop Walkthrough


The golden gates for computers. Only to be brought back to life with high performance and a squeaky-clean immune system (no viruses).

(Also the place to stop by and deliver A Chicken Burrito Bowl from Chipotle. Extra guacamole. Thanks 😎)

Front Desk

The end of the road for problems and the beginning of optimal performance. Here, you’ll meet with a technician to listen to your situation and questions and gloss over the issues with your device or the project you want to begin. After some surface-level analysis and an estimate for the project is made and paid, we will take your computer in for closer inspection behind the front desk and into the Repair Shop.

Steve showing satisfied customer the repairs and performance upgrades to the customer's laptop
Steve's Computer repair Logo metal wall sign

Repair Shop

Here’s where all of the repairs, builds, and upgrades are made. We have all of the parts, tools, and resources to handle any computer issue that comes through the hallway. 

Here, your device will go through the most crucial part of the repair process — The 20-step diagnostic process, Approval of findings, Repair/fix the problem, and Check the system for any left over problems in its nooks and crannies. After then, your device is sent to the front or stored to await your arrival and testing.

Many repairs, many builds, many upgrades enter this room and leave better than new… all the way back to you to pickup at the front of the shop. Imagination, skill, and curiosity runs through the veins and pipes of this room and never ceases to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Quality computer repair services. MAC and PC service.

About Us





Steve Flannery

Bruce Panagopoulos

Contact Information

Steve’s computer Repair
10207 I-35, San Antonio,
TX 78233

(210) 241-2054


Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm
Sat: 10am-2pm
Sun: Closed

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