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Data recovery services for Hard Drives, SSDs, & more with a 99% success rate

Data Recovery Services For Hard Drives SSDs, & More

We understand the importance of data for home users, enterprises, and small businesses. That’s why when you face data loss, you need to know that it will be recovered completely and securely. With over 15 years of experience of data recovery in San Antonio, we guarantee that we can help you, regardless of the circumstances.

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We've helped hundreds in recovering their lost data.


Steve and his team worked very hard to recover my data. All seemed lost but they pulled it off at the last minute. Price was what I was quoted. Great local business.


Steve has an excellent service and computer repair operation. He attempted to recover my dead hard drive. Once it was determined that it was totally dead, he return it and wouldn't even accept a payment. It turned out to be validly dead. Now that is honesty! I would definitely do business again in what I hope are better circumstances at my end. Thank you Steve!


I can't describe the overwhelming sense of relief when I got the call from Steve that he had been able to recover my data and that I could come grab those precious family memories whenever I was ready. Thankful for such a great experience and will absolutely head to Steve again with any future issues.

With over 3,237 satisfied customers and counting, we take pride in exceeding your expectations with our service and results. 

Our Data Recovery Services

With over 15 years of experience, we’ve encountered every data loss scenario imaginable. At Steve’s Computer Repair, we’ve successfully helped thousands of customers with different data loss situations. Our team offers data recovery for a wide range of media types including HDDs, SSDs, SD Cards, external drives, and more. With our impressive 99% success rate, there’s very little we can’t handle.

Hard Drive

Hard Drive Recovery

We have successfully recovered data from tons of undetected hard drives, hard disks or HDDs of all types, manufacturers, file systems and physical damage or mechanical failure to hard drives. We're ready to recover yours.

External hard Drive

External Drive Recovery

We perform data recovery services for external hard drives. You can trust we'll recover your dropped, formatted, or dead external drive. Call us to get started.


SSD Data Recovery

We have successfully recovered data from tons of undetected SSDs or Solid State Drives of all types, manufacturers, file systems and physical damage SSDs. We're ready to recover yours.


Mac Data Recovery

Guaranteed results for all iMac & MacBooks with cutting-edge utilities designed to produce the highest success rates on Mac file systems.


Laptop Data Recovery

Lost data on your laptop? Let us get it back for you. We have recovered data from all laptop brands, operating systems, and failure situations.

Desktop Data Recovery

Blue screen of death got you panicked? Don't stress. Turn off your computer and call us. We will use all options to perform data retrieval on your disk drive to get your data back. And we can help repair your computer from ever crashing again while we're at it. 2 solutions, 1 shop.

USB Flash Drive Recovery

If a broken Flash Drive is putting a halt on your productivity, we can recover your data quickly and help you get back to what you do best.

Android Data Recovery

We specialize in recovering data from water-damaged, dropped, and corrupted mobile devices running all versions of Android.

iPhone Data Recovery

Reclaim your memories now with our help. Don't wait; water-damaged iPhones must be addressed promptly to minimize the risk of permanent data loss. Call us right away to get started.

Memory Card Recovery

Lost digital pictures? We can pinpoint the problem with your digital storage and get your pictures and videos back so you are ready for your next photographic adventure.

DVR Data Recovery

We can repair a vast range of video file types so that your security footage can be back in your hands ASAP.

Encrypted Drive Data Recovery

Data encryption adds an extra layer of security to a hard drive, but also a layer of complexity to any data recovery job. Luckily we have the gear and experience to handle even the toughest encryption types.

We’re dedicated to bring you cutting-edge data recovery methods for the current and new media coming up in the market. We’re committed to staying ahead of the technology curve. Combine that with our superior customer service and thousands of satisfied customers, and you’ll see why we’re the top data recovery service provider in San Antonio.


We recognize that every data loss situation is a disaster for home users, individuals, and small businesses alike. We understand that recovering the data is as crucial as considering the budget and time constraints involved. That’s why we offer multiple data recovery options to cater to your specific needs.


Standard Service

3-5 day turnaround time

RUSH Service

ASAP Turnaround time (same-day - 2 days)

Have An Emergency?

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Our Solutions

Unsure about which data recovery service suits your needs? We’ll assist you in selecting the right solution. We understand the unease that comes with sudden drive failure better than other recovery service providers. Call us to speak with an expert and discuss your situation. We offer several ways to solve your problem.


Is your device completely unresponsive? This is precisely our specialty at our repair shop. Whether you drop it off or take advantage of our mail-in service, we'll handle it for you. Give us a call to discuss your data loss issue and the service solutions we provide.


Did something get deleted, corrupted, or just vanished, but you're too far away to visit us in person? Simply give us a call and let us know the situation and we'll help you in sending your hard drive to us through the mail for data recovery.



Excellent and professional service! My full Recommendation for computer repairs and data recovery.


I am SO thankful I went to Steve's Computer Repair first. He's a friendly person, but within minutes of me putting the beast on his workbench he got down to business and expertly diagnosed the problem (blown Power Supply Unit [PSU] which fried the hard drives).


Steve is professional, patient, courteous and most of all knowledgeable. Many technicians can do a decent job, but none are as knowledgeable as Steve. Why would anyone settle for less?

The Process

It’s a straightforward process. When we recieve your failed drive, we begin by doing some thorough diagnostics to determine the price for a successful recovery, along with an estimate on how long it will take. Once you approve the work, we begin the process. We use every technique to recover your desired data safely and send you a file list to review once the recovery process is complete. Rest assured, you will never be charged more than the agreed-upon price, even if the recovery requires more work than anticipated.

After reviewing the recovered file list, we will recommend the best data storage options to swiftly return the new data to you. We’re eager to reunite you with your data—it’s what we do! Join the thousands of satisfied customers who trusted Steve’s Computer Repair for SD card, mobile phone, or hard drive recovery services.


Hard drive Data recovery


We frequently extract crucial files from hard drives, memory cards, SD cards, mobile phones, and other media that other recovery service providers deemed unrecoverable. Additionally, we have successfully performed data recovery services on devices damaged by fire and water, encrypted devices, and drives with severe physical or logical damage considered too complex by others.

We prioritize our clients’ privacy, personal data, and sensitive information. All of our work is performed in-house without any third-party access. we ensure the highest chance of successfully retrieving your files.

We utilize advanced tools and have extensive experience in performing data recovery services on every type of device available in the market. Call us now at (210) 759-0544 to get started.


We Cover all Major Brands


The duration of the recovery process can vary depending on the type of storage device and the extent of the damage. Complex jobs may require more time to complete. We offer a range of service options, from emergency 24-hour RUSH service to our standard 2-5 day turnaround. Contact us for more details about our service options.


We operate on a “no data, no charge” policy, meaning we only charge for successful recoveries. Our guarantee is straightforward: If we can’t recover the data you need, you don’t pay. Additionally, we offer free evaluations to assess the damaged device and provide a price quote before commencing any work.

The cost of professional data recovery services varies depending on the severity of damage and the type of storage device. We offer free evaluations and no-recovery, no-fee guarantees. We collaborate with customers to create a customized service plan that aligns with their specific needs.

We specialize in a broad spectrum of data recovery services, encompassing hard drive recovery, HDD recovery, external drive recovery, laptop data recovery, Mac data recovery, SSD data recovery, iPhone data recovery, Android data recovery, desktop data recovery, encrypted drive recoveries, DVR and camera recoveries, USB flash drive recoveries, memory card recoveries, and more.

Data recovery software is made more for home users and only basic recovery tasks. Professional data recovery services are geared towards tackling more complex cases, such as when a hard drive has endured physical damage or severe corruption.

Absolutely. We provide data destruction services for all types of devices, including hard drives, mobile phones, servers, and other media. Our services include physical destruction and secure wiping, meeting industry standards. We can help you properly dispose of old equipment or securely erasing data from your devices before they are reused.

Quality computer repair services. MAC and PC service.

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