Data Recovery Services

If you lost your data or your hard drive failed, we can recover up to 99% of your lost data

Expert Data Recovery and a Process that Works.

Have lost files to recover from a failed Hard Drive?
Accidentally deleted important files?
We can fix that and recover your lost data with a process that can recover up to 99% of deleted data.

Liquid Damage

Bitlocked Drive

Shipping Damage

Mail-In Data Recovery

And Much More...

Technician in a clean suit performing data recovery and hard drive repair with a microscope

If you are located outside of San Antonio OR unable to visit our shop… we accept mail-in hard drives for data recovery. Give us a call (210) 241-2054 and we’ll help direct you to mail in your drive to get your data recovered.


"All seemed lost but they pulled it off at the last minute."

Steve and his team worked very hard to recover my data. All seemed lost but they pulled it off at the last minute. Price was what I was quoted. Great local business.

"Now that is honesty!""

Steve has an excellent service and computer repair operation. He attempted to recover my dead hard drive. Once it was determined that it was totally dead, he return it and wouldn't even accept a payment. It turned out to be validly dead. Now that is honesty! I would definitly do business again in what I hope are better circumnstances at my end. Thank you Steve!

"I can't describe the overwhelming sense of relief when I got the call from Steve..."

Back in January, I found myself with a corrupt external hard drive that had at some point overridden the Photos file I had in my storage. Which meant that all of my photos - photos of my children, my baby photos I had scanned, vacation photos, wedding photos, etc. etc. - were potentially gone forever. I tried Geek Squad at Best Buy and, not only were they not confident they would be able to retrieve the photos, they were going to charge me over $3000 just for the attempt. I went to Google and chose to work with Steve based on his stellar reviews. He was honest with me that it wasn't guaranteed that he could recover them but his price tag was much less. He maintained communication with me throughout the entire process, letting me know when ordered parts were expected in and how things were progressing. I can't describe the overwhelming sense of relief when I got the call from Steve that he had been able to recover my data and that I could come grab those precious family memories whenever I was ready. Thankful for such a great experience and will absolutely head to Steve again with any future issues.

"You've got a devoted customer for as long as I live in San Antonio!"

30 June 2020: Another great experience with Steve. He allowed me to use a credit card of a nearly 100% disabled veteran friend of mine to pay for SSDs in his three computers. As usual, the work was spot on and his prices are better than competitive. My friend was extremely happy with the experience, and has joined me as a lifelong customer! Thanks again Steve and Rolando!

I am SO thankful I went to Steve's Computer Repair first. He's a friendly person, but within minutes of me putting the beast on his workbench he got down to business and expertly diagnosed the problem (blown Power Supply Unit [PSU] which fried the hard drives).

He was able to access and save my data which naturally was my first and foremost concern, and his component upgrade suggestions were spot on. He installed a new PSU and modified a bracket in one of my drive bays to accommodate a new Solid State Drive Hard Drive (SSD HD), and my computer SMOKES now. He also determined that the motherboard was still OK which he could have easily persuaded me into thinking I needed one, but he didn't...integrity...I like that.

He also made the the great suggestion to initially recover my data to a portable hard drive first at his shop (I provided the portable), and then for me to copy only what I need a "bit" (get it?) at a time to the computer so as to only put what I really need on the computer (versus clogging it up with the wife's photos lol). He also tested my new Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to make sure the problem was indeed with my computer and not a faulty UPS, so I was able to hook everything back up with total confidence as soon as I got it home.

Thanks again, Steve: You've got a devoted customer for as long as I live in San Antonio!

Hard Drives, SSDs, and Data Recovery

Hard Drives (HDD)

We can recover up to 99% of your lost data using our proven process. No matter if the drive is bitlocked or water damaged or physically damaged from shipping. 

Unless you have a complate backup of all of you data in the cloud or externally, then recovering the data from your hard drive is crucial. ESPECIALLY if it holds any personal, confidential, Important, information.

Solid-State Drives (SSDs)

We also recover data from Solid-State Drives as well. Though in comparison to a HDD, the process may be slightly slower than a Hard Drive, nevertheless up to 99% of your data can be recovered with our process.

That being said, you can rest assured that your SSD, regardless of shipping damage, water damage, or BitLocking, we can recover your data for you with precision, professionalism, and served with exceptional customer service.


Steve's Computer Repair and Data Recovery San Antonio Installing a water cooler radiator into client custom build pc computer


We guarantee your repair will last. We give a complete 1 Year Warranty on all repairs.

Clock showing the 24-hour turnaround rush service for speedy computer repairs from Steve's Computer Repair and Data Recovery San Antonio


Who has time to wait MONTHS on a repair? We offer a 24-hour RUSH service for those who like to get things done ASAP.

Steve's Computer Repair and Data Recovery San Antonio Truck mobile and remote services with 24 hour turnaround time rush service


Need repairs but you can't visit us? We have mobile services to visit you.

Large pile and stack of computers and laptops ready to be recycled


Have a bunch of old computers and parts that you can't seem to get rid of? We offer free computer recycling.

Broken hard drive to symbolize data recovery from steve's computer repair san antonio


We bundle a free data transfer when you purchase one of our optimized refurbished computers. It will feel like your usual setup, except in a better computer.

Refurbished computers, macs, and laptops for sale in showroom


We will not fix anything that does not need to be fixed. Nor will we fix anything that you don't want to be fixed. Our high-quality services are offered at a competitive price that you won't find anywhere else.

military discount 10% Steve's Computer Repair and Data Recovery San Antonio


We give a 10% discount to members of our military. Thank you for your service.


You'll know exactly what is going on at all times. We are great communicators and speak English, Layman's Terms, and Nerd.

Steve handing a repaired laptop to a satisfied customer


You'll be walked through the entire process and shown multiple solutions to fix your computer. You'll know exactly what you're getting into and know that you're getting a quality service when you see the fruits of our labor.


"Why would anyone settle for less?"

Steve worked on 2 of my computers, provided virus removal, data recovery, PC support and offered remote support.

Steve is professional, patient, courteous and most of all knowledgeable. Many technicians can do a decent job, but none are as knowledgeable as Steve. Why would anyone settle for less?

"...I couldn't be happier with the service I received."

Excellent and professional service! My full Recommendation for computer repairs and data recovery.
Steve and Data recovery customer

"...if you want it done right and at a fair price come to Steve."

I highly recommend you bring all your computer needs here. Steve and his Staff are super knowledgeable and friendly. I had a real emergency on my hands. My main Dj hard started clicking. I called several companies and they all told me it's a wrap. But I see where Steve works on Western digital harddrives I just knew he was the one. I called him first thing Monday and he told me bring it in. Once I get there he takes me to the back and try to see if there was any life left in the drive and Boom it showed up. So, then he said give me 24hrs and I'll get back to you. Well it was faster than 24. He got back to me right away with a fair estimate and he said he could get 99.9% of my 6TB of data no problem. 2 days later he calls and says it's done and ready. I can tell you if you want it done right and at a fair price come to Steve. His shop is top notch wish I could give more than 5 stars. Thanks for saving my Dj career you're a God send.

- Laturel kinfolk “Dj Ltizzzle” Turner



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