About Us

San Antonio's Best Computer Repair Shop

Steve’s Computer Repair is located in North East San Antonio. 

Who Are We

Steve’s Computer Repair is San Antonio’s best computer repair shop! We offer a wide range of professional computer repair services. We treat every customer as we would like to be treated. Come by and check out our shop today! 210-241-2054

Our Mission

Out goal is to help you quickly and professionally solve your computer problems. We tackle the difficult jobs that other shops wont. 

What We Do

Computer Repair Flow



Every device is checked into the shop and tagged with a label. This helps have a smooth workflow.



An extensive 20 step diagnostic process is perfomed on each computer. We take each job seriously. 



The client is notified of our findings and given an estimate. Only approved jobs will be worked on. 


Fix The Issue

We professionally fix the issues we have discovered. Any upgrades are sugguested at this time. 



After job completion we throughly check your system to make sure its running 100%. Every job has a 1yr warranty. 



This is our favoriate part! We enjoy helping our clients resolve their computers issues quickly and professionally. 

Why Choose Us?

With so many other shops to choose from. We apprcaite every client and treat them with respect. Thank you.

We speak English and Nerd! If you have a difficult or complicated computer issue – we are ready to help solve it! 

Need help with your computer? We offer a quick turnaround time of 24 hours for all your technical problems.

Warm and Helpful Support for Technical Difficulties.

A team of skilled professionals is available to assist you with any computer problems you may be experiencing.

Computer Troubleshooting Guru ready to provide speedy solutions for all your technical issues.

Some Numbers

We have the best stats!

1 +
Satisfied Clients
1 +
Projects Completed
1 +
Viruses Stopped
1 K+
Updates Completed


We are ready for your next computer repair project! No project is too big or too small! Give us a call today at 210-241-2054 or book appointment online. 

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