Laptop Upgrades

Maximize your laptop's performance with swift, professional upgrades.

The easiest, fastest way to dramatically improve your laptop's performance.

If your laptop is causing you headaches and slowing you down – we’ve got your back. We have the tools, expertise, and upgrades that you can take advantage to transform your slow laptop, to a lightning fast portable machine.

upgrading RAM inside of customer's Laptop for better performance

Laptop upgrades that pack a punch

  • Upgrade RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • Upgrade Storage Drive
  • Upgrade Battery
  • + More
Looking for more power to your productivity or gaming laptop? Contact us to get started today.

Fed up with freezing, sluggish performance, and limited storage? Our laptop upgrades will transform its performance, better than out-of-the-box.

Laptop Upgrades Done Fast

At Steve’s Computer Repair, our laptop upgrades are not only speedy but also swiftly installed. A standard upgrade usually takes anywhere from overnight to a few days. Need it even faster? Opt for our 24-hour RUSH service for same-day upgrades.

Laptop RAM Upgrades

If your laptop slows down when running multiple apps, a RAM upgrade can double its multitasking capacity. Boost your productivity without sacrificing speed. Call us today at (210) 241-2054 to enhance your laptop’s performance.


Laptop Storage Upgrades

If your laptop struggles with slow boot times and sluggish performance due to limited storage space, consider upgrading to an SSD and increasing its capacity. By switching to an SSD and expanding storage, you’ll experience faster loading times and smoother operation. Upgrade your laptop’s storage for enhanced efficiency and productivity. Contact us today at (210) 241-2054 to learn more about improving your laptop’s storage capabilities.

Laptop Cleaning and Cooling Upgrades

If your laptop tends to overheat and perform poorly due to dust buildup and inadequate cooling, it’s time for a thorough cleaning and cooling upgrade. Removing dust and improving cooling can significantly enhance your laptop’s performance and prolong its lifespan. Upgrade your laptop’s cooling system for better temperature management and optimal performance. Contact us today at (210) 241-2054 to schedule a cleaning and cooling upgrade for your laptop.


When your laptop is lagging behind, Steve’s Computer Repair has the perfect solution. Whether you’re grappling with sluggish performance, slow boot times, or unresponsive apps, our expert team specializes in upgrading laptop parts to unleash its full potential. From boosting RAM to installing lightning-fast SSDs, we’ll supercharge every aspect of your laptop, making it faster and more powerful than ever before. Trust us to transform your laptop into a productivity powerhouse, ensuring you can tackle any task with ease and efficiency.

How Much Will It Cost?

At Steve's Computer Repair, laptop upgrades won't empty your wallet. Our services are quick and affordable. Repair costs depend on the type and severity of the damage, typically ranging from $249 to $349. For a precise estimate, reach out to our shop.

Clock showing the 24-hour turnaround rush service for speedy computer repairs from Steve's Computer Repair and Data Recovery San Antonio

How Fast Are Repairs Done?

At Steve's Computer Repair, laptop upgrades won't keep you waiting for ages. We're speedy and dependable. The time it takes to upgrade your laptop depends on the issue, but typically, it's just a matter of days or less. Need it even faster? We offer a 24-hour RUSH service for a small fee. For a precise estimate of upgrade time, get in touch with our shop.

Refurbished computers, macs, and laptops for sale in showroom

Looking For A Replacement?

If you believe your laptop is maxed out in performance or the cost isn't worth it, we've got you covered with our selection of high-performance, professionally-refurbished laptops at fantastic prices. Our refurbished computers work just like new ones straight out of the box, but at a fraction of the cost. Reach out today for assistance in finding a quality replacement.

Expert Check Process

Not sure what’s wrong? We’ll check it out. We’ll do a detailed 20-step test for a small fee, which will go towards fixing it. We’ll find out exactly what’s wrong and lay out all of your solutions and show you all the ways to fix it

Reasonable Prices

We want you to be confident that you’re getting the best price. We only repair what you need and what you agree to. Every repair comes with a solid 1-Year warranty.

24-Hour RUSH (Optional)

We’ll get your device back to you ASAP. If you’re in a rush, 24-hour RUSH computer fixes are done same-day or the following day for a small fee. For other repairs, we aim to finish them within a few days.

Full 1-Year Warranty

Every repair we do includes a 1-year warranty, starting from the day of your repair.

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