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Mac Repair

We support APPLE Laptop and Desktop Computers.

If you have an old Mac that needs updating, or just want to speed up your Mac, we can help by installing an SSD and refreshing your system. We perform a Time Machine backup to ensure your files are safe.

Mac Laptop Repair

Apple laptops come in many types of configurations and we work on them all! Whether you’re wanting a bigger hard drive, an upgraded operating system, or just help with backing up your important photos and documents we’re here to help.

iMac Repair

Worried that your iMac is slowing down? Want to keep your iMac but want it updated? We can help by installing an SSD, updating the Operating system, or doing a fresh install. No need to worry about your documents and pictures, we will back those up to Time Machine.

Our Target Customers

Come visit our specialized iMac repair center, designed exclusively for Mac enthusiasts like you. Our team of expert technicians is fully equipped to tackle any computer issue you may encounter, whether it’s a cracked screen or the need for a hardware upgrade. Rest assured that we provide comprehensive and efficient solutions that are certified by Apple, guaranteeing optimal performance for your beloved iMac.

"Quick fixed iMac Display"

I had a major panic attack when the display on my iMac broke out of nowhere. But luckily, I found Steve's Computer Repair and they fixed it like magic! From start to finish, the service was top-notch.

Would you like to start a project with us?

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